Handling and Planning for pet transport with specialist consulters.
Save the travelling time for your animal with "one stop services" from our customer service team.
Direct booking for pet travelling by air with the Airline for both domestic and international routes.
Dynamic Air cargo is appointed as an agent for more than 55 Airlines so reservation is available for all destinations around the world.
  Door to Door services with IPATA network.
We can serve you with the full customs service for inbound and outbound pet relocation, including transit shipments for all kind of animal.
Full documentaion and paper work preparation for domestic and international pet travel to any country.
We can supply various sizes of pet containers; both plastic and wooden crate.
We can design the specific container for large animal size following the essential principles and ensure to meet the general requirements of IATAs Live Animal Regulations for pet container construction.
We can supply extra requirements for pet travel eg. feed container, water container.
To help ensure your pets safety before their travel, or solve any problem during health check process; we can offer the pets overnight boarding service locate near the airport.
Pick-up and delivery services is available for both to and from your home and the airport.
Pick-up area for International Airport eg. Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket and Samui.
Land Pick up services within Thailand.
  Surely if you love animals, having a pet becomes one of life’s most important goal. But of course when you have to travel, things are a lot more complicated than you think if you want to take your pet with you wherever you are. Hence, Thailand Pet Mover provides you with expertise in the movement of live animals through airfreight to overseas destination. With years of experience, and also as a member of IPATA (The Independent Pet and Animal Transportation Association International) we specialize in area and promise to make it an easier process for all our clients.
  Those live animals of smaller sizes (such as, rabbit, squirrel etc.) are delicate and skittish animals which require extra care during the export or transportation. Our knowledge and experience on this matter allows us to provide a smooth service and assist you in transporting these small species with extra care.
  For these types of animal, oxygen is needed to be available during the movement or the transportation. Therefore, we provide a highly standard packaging service, which includes the compression, the oxygen required and also other necessary documents from the department of fisheries for the travel that will ensure a safe journey.
  Most animal of this type are elephants, horse, pork and etc. We are expert for transport and already have experience also we can serve packing include manage document with Department of Wildlife (export cites) for exportation.