How do I send an animal?
Step 1 - you should prepare the basic documents, cage and the photo of your pet for our team (please contact our Customer Service team for more details on the cage size/type and basic documents required)

Step 2 - we will check the weight in order to calculate the freight rate for each trip/airline

Step 3 - our confirmation on the bookings should be sent back within 5-7 working days due to advance space booking requirements

Step 4 - after everything is confirmed, payment is required (via bank or e-payment (visa/master) through our website (with an addition of surcharge)
What kind of live animals can I send?
  We are able to transport most animal species with the right documents. 
  These include: dogs, cats, birds, fishes etc. (However, rules and regulations may vary due to the wildlife protection policies    of different countries)
Where can I send live animals?
We are able to service and transport live animals to all airports in the world that are served by airlines.
Why choose Thailand Pet Mover?
We are a member of IPATA and ensures high standard services with experienced team where we are a one-stop-service in handling live animals transportation, fast and safely.